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These are the NASCAR cars I own. There are MANY, MANY more cars available. I didn't think I liked stock cars, but after racing them I discovered they are a lot of fun. I'm actually having one custom made by McKell Realistic Racing.

Below is a closer look at each of these cars.

Caterpillar #96
This is one of the first NASCAR racers I got. It came with the Tyco NASCAR Super Sound set (which is on clearance at TRU for $29.98). It is an X2 "HPX" car. HPX stands for Tyco High Performance Extreme. These cars come with silicone tires, silver pick ups, and high power transformer. These cars also have a capacitor soldered to a metal piece connected to the brush barrels. I added Phase II traction magnets, and replaced the stock silicones with softer, tackier, higher profile silicone tires.
Kodak #4
This is the other car that came with the Tyco NASCAR Super Sound set. Another X2 HPX car. This is the fastest NASCAR I have. This car has Phase 3 traction magnets and blue SuperTires in B compound .426.
Kellog's Corn Flakes #5
This is one of the original cars that Tyco offered with the pit crew (crew not shown). All of the orginal crew cars (Hot Wheels #44, STP #43, Kellog's #5) are available while supplies last at TRU for $9.98. This is a Magnum 440-X2 car equipped with Phase 3 traction magnets and soft, high profile silicones.
STP #43
Another of the original pit crew X2 cars (crew not shown). This car has Phase 3 traction magnets and high profile, soft silicones. The Grand Prix body does not stay on the chassis very well.
Hot Wheels #44
Hot Wheels Team cars.

This car was offered with a pit crew, but I chose to get it in a two pack which included the Hot Wheels Team truck. It was 2 cars for $9.98. Both are Tyco Magnum 440-X2s. Both cars have Phase II traction magnets. The #44 car has soft, high profile silicones, and the truck has yellow A compound .434 SuperTires.

The #44 car is another one of the ill fitting Grand Prix bodies. You might have noticed the chrome rims instead of team red. I switced chassis with a red X2 Hummer I have. The red rims look good on that one, as the chrome looks good here. The reason I had to switch was the different versions of the Tyco 440-X2 Pan chassis. One has a notch in front of the normal body mount to accept a body, the other is a smooth wedge that won't let some bodies clip on correctly. The Grand Prix bodies require the notch to mount correctly. The chassis delivered with the #44 car did not have the notch, but the Hummer did, so I swapped them.

Fina #74
This is a Life Like ProTracker-SS. It has a higher gear ratio than the Fast Tracker chassis, and come with firm silicone tires. The stock silicones were replased with B compound .422 SuperTires. This car performs best on a high speed track with long straights. It does not handle twisty layouts well. It's especially bad on 6" radius curves.
Winn Dixie #60
This is another Life Like ProTracker-SS. This car wears A compound .426 SuperTires. The Winn-Dixie car performs better than the Fina, but still has trouble on the inside of a 6" curve.
Texaco #28
This NASCAR FastTracker features the new Taurus body. It's wider than previous LifeLike NASCAR offerings, but has better looks. It is completely stock, but I may put silicones on it.
Exide #99 Tide #10
These are both Fords, T-Birds I think. They are also completely stock, with silicone likely in the near future. These cars make a great noise as the motor turns.


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